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On the road of love you are either driving, riding, or walking.

Where do you want to be?

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Matt's Method - TIP #11

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  The Text Message Trap

    Women and men are using text messaging more today than ever before. I've had a couple of questions from readers about things that have gone wrong following a text message to-or from-a prospective date.

    Here's a Matt rule that should NOT be broken: NEVER use texting to make a date. NEVER!

    In fact, I'll go even further and say NEVER USE TEXTING DURING THE FIRST 60 DAYS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP!

    Why Not Text?
    Because, just like you, she can be anywhere, with anyone and doing anything
    when she gets your text message

    Do NOT Text
      First, you don't know if she got it when you sent it-or if she got it at all.

      Second, you have no way of gauging her INTEREST when she got it-if she did.

      And third, it establishes a bad pattern.

    Here's the deal. Everyone texts, so if you settle for that you're the same as every other guy. You're nothing special.

    Let's say she says, "Text me and we'll go out sometime."

    You SHOULD SAY, "I prefer to hear the sound of your voice, I'll call."

    I hear all kinds of horror stories about women using text messaging to break up with a guy, break a date, and often not even responding to the guy's text message because "I never got it."

    Do not fall into the text trap. Don't start texting until your relationship is older than 60 days.

    If you go along with her desire to text and take easy way out, you will be OUT the easy way.

    Insist on personal contact

    This tip is closely connected to Tip #7. Read it again.

    Then read Tip #15 ...

    Next Tip: Think before you speak ..

    Matt's Method Tip # 11

    (until your relationship is older than 60 days)

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