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Beginning Communications

Guys - THE first 60 days

  • Married men live an average of 4 years longer than divorced men
  • More than half of all marriages will end in divorce
  • The average divorce will cost $7,000-$10,000
  • The average single man spends $35-$100 on a first date and 60% of the time doesn't have a second date with the same woman.
  • Every weekend hundreds of thousands of men spend millions of dollars on dead-end dates.
  • How much of your valuable time and hard-earned money are you wasting on the wrong women?

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    Matt's Method - TIP #8

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      What not to do in the first 60 days..

      During the first 60 days of a new relationship, if you have a date to go somewhere or are supposed to meet somewhere at a certain time and she says "Just leave a message with the time and/or place and I'll be there", don't depend on it. Similarly, if she offers to leave the pertinent info on your voicemail, don't depend on that.

      During the critical 60-day period it is very important to run a tight ship.

      Talk to each other, not each other's answering machines, voicemail, text messaging, or pagers. Otherwise you will not be able to gauge her true Interest Level. You have to be able to match her actions with her words.

      Tell her you prefer to communicate with her, not a communication device. This will set you apart from other guys.

      During your early days it is also wise to pick her up, rather than meet her somewhere. If she agrees to that, it's a sign of her high level of interest.

      With voice mail or text messages as a "middle-man" she keeps you in the dark.

      And because of that, you're likely to hear things like, "I didn't get the message, something must be wrong with my voicemail."

      "I didn't understand the directions or the address."

      "I heard two beeps and didn't know when to leave the message."

      When the woman has low interest in you she will find a million excuses.

      The best way to break a bad habit is to not start it in the first place.

      During the first 60 days of that new relationship you should talk to the woman, not her voicemail.

      Check: Don't make this mistake...

      Matt's Method Tip # 8

      During the first 60 days of that new relationship be sure to talk to HER,
      not her voicemail.

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